The Scene From Above podcast is hosted by Alastair Graham and Andrew Cutts.

Award winning podcast

We are amazed and incredibly excited by the awarding of the RSPSoc 2019 Business Innovation Award to the Scene From Above podcast. This is a huge honour given that we are just trying to create the podcast that we want to hear, and that we think the community wants to hear as well. It's been an incredible journey so far and we want to continue to communicate the amazing things that are happening in the sector as best we know how. Huge thanks to RSPSoc and to the community of listeners that supports us.

See what we are up to on Twitter

We are trying to build an inclusive community on Twitter. Come and join us.

The Scene From Above Strava club

Did you know that we have set up a Scene From Above Strava club? This might not seem an obvious thing to do, but we are aware that so many of us spend all our working lives looking at a screen. We encourage time away from a computer, for as long as you want, doing whatever activity you want to help balance physical and metal wellbeing. And if you want to share that then join us on Strava (yes, another screen!). We welcome everyone, whatever you do and at whatever level.

Other podcasts we have spoken on

Alastair has chatted with Daniel over on the MapScaping podcast a few times.